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Isn't it time you took payments by card?

Since 2018, more daily purchases are made by card rather than cash in the UK.

Pricing from 1.5% per transaction
Terminals from £15 per month
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We can help you to find the right card machine for your business!

All our card machines are quick, reliable and easy to use. They accept all major payment methods including Visa, V-Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

The Castles terminals are PCI DSS compliant to protect both you and your customers’ data and use Chip and PIN technology to provide secure payment transactions.

Accept card and mobile payments in minutes after receiving your terminal of choice

Once your application has been approved, we aim to deliver your terminal within 2 working days. The terminal is delivered ready-to-go, so you can accept card payments within minutes. Just follow the simple instructions provided.

If you need to contact us, our customer support team is available 7 days a week to help you with the installation or any other questions you may have.

What are PDQ Machines?

A PDQ (Processing Data Quickly) machine is a device that merchants use to accept card or mobile payments from their customers. These machines are also called point of sale (POS) terminals, card terminals or Chip & PIN machines.

In the UK, there are three different types of PDQ machines: countertop, portable and mobile-card-machine. All three have different functions so there’s not really one that’s better than the others for all situations.

Countertop card terminal

Countertop Terminals

If your business takes payments at a counter, till or reception point, countertop card machines are the best suited for your business. They are enabled for you to take fast and secure payments over the counter at fixed locations.

They are suitable for a multitude of businesses, including retailers, grocers, beauty salons, barbers, stationery shops or convenience stores.

Our countertop card readers facilitate contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Chip & PIN payments, whichever your customer's preferred method of payment might be.

Our Countertop terminals
Portable card machine

Portable Terminals

For businesses such as bars, restaurants and cafes, it is imperative to have a card terminal that you can bring to your customers. Our portable card readers use wireless technology, allowing you to make payment as convenient as possible for your customers.

They are very easy to install and can process all major debit and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

Our portable terminals also support contactless, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay as standard. You can therefore offer your customers fast contactless payments on transactions under £30 using their card or smartphone.

Our Portable terminals
Mobile card machine

Mobile Terminals

For businesses that are always on the move, the ability to accept all types of card payments on the go is crucial. Mobile card machines allow businesses to take debit and credit card payments as a Chip & PIN transaction as well as contactless around your premises.

The perfect choice for:

Taxi drivers, mobile caterers, couriers, tradespeople, sales events, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, people working in the delivery businesses or pop-up shops.

Our Mobile terminals

Start accepting cards today with The Payments Alliance

Choose a terminal and a plan that suits you best. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the application process - you could be approved immediately and start accepting card and mobile payments in your business tomorrow*!

*delivery is on a next working day basis, upon approval of your new Merchant Account.

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